We offer SEO consulting services to individuals, small businesses and agencies as well. Please contact us for rates and available services. If it is top rankings and a steady flow of qualified leads that you are after, then you are certainly in the right place to accomplish your goals.  With the right budget and a focused plan of action being implemented, we can literally rank your website on page one for virtually any term desired. We are truly experts at SEO!

seo consulting servicesAs search optimization specialists, my we take full responsibility for the proper on page, otherwise known as on-site, optimization, as part of our responsibility as your web designer. As SEO consultants, we will advise on a combination of strategies including superior keyword research utilizing the very best available tools in the industry, followed by the creation of carefully crafted on site sales copy that will have your website visitors begging to do business with you.

As your consultants, we are committed to working with you to meet your business goals. Side-by-side, for regular clear and concise communication is how we will meet our mutual expectations of the project. We will do our very best to educate you on why we may elect to do some of the things that we do with regard to creating and organizing the content on your website as this can be very important when it comes to the on site optimization of each and every web page.

Search optimization is the art of writing your website in combination with the proper utilization of certain aspects on the back end such as the metadata and tags. Finely assembled together, it is this art, creativity and science that creates a harmonious optimization for which the search engine algorithms will learn to love your website as much as your website users.

It is the combining of the on page and the off page optimization services that really send out the correct signals to the major search engines and enable us to rank websites on page one at will.